Welcome To MyHolidayDeals

MyHolidayDeals is all about delightful vacations, exotic locations, garnered tour plans and premium treatment. The experts in travel and tourism have come up with holiday options for a handful of fascinating destinations across India and the globe that are simply a class apart from any regular vacation. Our focus is providing you with an experience that is out of the ordinary; an experience that remains frozen in your soul for years to come and lets you grow with it. That’s right – “Special” is the word.

‘Tailor-made Holidays’

The packages available at MyHolidayDeals are as tailor-made as the destinations. They have been customized to meet the needs of each one of your family members so they travel safe and in style. The plans have been suggested and separated based on targeted age-groups, honeymooners or group-sizes. While chalking these out, apart from the regular efforts, we have put in another element called “care” that is unavailable from any other travel manager. We managed to remember the elderly member who’s traveling with you, and of course, the furry pet who wants to run on the beach.


Traveling far and wide can be as tiring as fun. To safeguard you from the ‘exhaustion’ part, we have made ‘comfort’ our motto.

‘Personalized Care’

Our idea of ‘Personalized Care’ – We’d always urge you not to take your grandparent to Ladakh, even young people feel the effect of thin air there. We know that Goa is meant for a group of friends, we’d rather suggest Gokarna to the just-married.


"I had some memorable experiences with MyHolidayDeals previously and this time too, they did not let me down at all. Immediately after hearing my requirement, they suggested that Tajpur fits my requirement completely...

Biswajit Ghosh

MD, Kilburn Engineering Limited

Tajpur Tour - October 2014